Frequently Asked Questions

Does Faircape Retirement offer rentals?

Regrettably, with the exception of Tokai Estate, we don’t offer rentals at our Villages.

Is there a Healthcare Facility at each Village? If yes, what are the costs?

Each one of our Retirement Villages is home to its own Healthcare Centre, allowing for utmost safety, security and relaxation in a safe and therapeutic environment.

For prices, please contact our Healthcare Coordinator, Sr. Justine Douglas at

Is healthcare included in the purchase of my Life Right unit?

Regrettably, healthcare is not included in the purchase of your Life Right unit.

What are the monthly levies and is the meal levy compulsory?

Monthly levies are adjusted annually on 1 March.

For a breakdown of levies, please refer to the downloadable brochure for each Village.

The catering/meal levy is compulsory and may not be waived.

Is the Clubhouse open to friends and family members?

Friends and family members are encouraged to join residents at the Clubhouse.

Do you allow pets?

All 6 of our Retirement Villages are pet-friendly.

Is it possible to buy now with the intention of subletting before moving in?

Regrettably, with the exception of Tokai Estate, we don’t offer rentals at our Villages.

How do water, electricity and municipal rates work?

Water, electricity and municipal rates are billed separately and are payable by the Life Right holder.

How do I hear about units available at your Villages?

Simply click here to be taken to our online form. Completing it will place you on our waiting list/s.

If I have questions and would like to chat to someone directly, who is my contact?

Please contact our Sales Manager, Candice Vietri at or on 082 460 9221.

How much capital will I receive upon termination of my Life Right agreement?

You will be entitled to receive 95% of your capital investment back, less any costs outstanding.

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